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Thursday, July 21, 2005

So THAT'S what that funny smell was ...

Back a couple of years ago, when we first had Five O'Clock Somewhere delivered and set up, the setup guys were supposed to give us the keys, but they either "forgot" or "lost" them, so we had to get the dealer to make us new ones.

Yesterday, a family in Albuquerque began to move into their new manufactured home, when they discovered a deranged, drugged-out man in the living room. Turns out he was a buddy of one of the setup guys -- who also was one of our setup guys -- who would give his friend keys to homes that had just been set up but not occupied yet, so the buddy could hang out in those houses and smoke meth. The setup guy also reportedly often joined his buddy doing drugs in the new houses. In this case, the buddy lost track of the date and/or time, so he didn't get out of the house before the new owners arrived. Since manufactured homes are known to have unpleasant chemical smells when they're first set up, nobody had noticed anything amiss -- or at least amiss enough to report. I had sort of wondered about the 32-ounce malt liquor bottle, since, aside from the setup guys, the contractors we had working on the place were a devout Mormon, a dedicated Seventh-Day Adventist, and a dyed-in-the-wool Southern Baptist.

So now the setup guy has been fired, and he and his buddy have been arrested.


Anonymous Dr Pants said...

Fucking contractors... Do you have his number? I'm running low on my stash...

Fri Jul 22, 02:59:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds like a movie story-line. Funny on the screen, but totally astonishing in real life.

Sat Jul 23, 02:49:00 PM MDT  

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