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Friday, February 27, 2009

I’m famous!

… at least south of the border …

Today I noticed an interesting trend in visitors to this blog. First, the number of daily visits has increased. Second, where before I had only the occasional visitor from south of the border, now nearly a quarter of my visitors come from Mexico.

I tracked the surge in visits to a link that has been posted on the website of an organization called Los Foros de la Pesca Deportiva, which appears to be a non-profit agency promoting sport fishing in Mexico. In a thread about ludicrous boat-trailer-towing-vehicle configurations (Pat knows more Spanish than I do, so he'd presumably be able to tell more exactly what people are saying), Y a mi me da flojera botar me lancha…, a commenter seems to be saying something like, "Check out these crazy pictures!" The comment then links to my archives from October 2007, when I ran a series of posts about launching and retrieving deep-keel sailboats on a boat ramp.

So I guess I'm now an internationally recognized authority on the subject.


Blogger Tillerman said...

Welcome to the club of internationally famous superbloggers. A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting a fair number of hits from the Irish Bikers Forum, apparently a forum for motorbike enthusiasts in Ireland. I couldn't figure out the connection with a sailing blog. I tried joining their forum to find out, but the thread that was linking to me was security protected against new users in some way. And the other weird thing was the the links weren't all to the same post of mine.

Aaaah. The price of fame.

Fri Feb 27, 04:55:00 AM MST  

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